Media Releases November 17, 2022

BREAKING: Ohio Secretary of State Announces Effort to Undermine Ballot Measure Process and Direct Democracy in Buckeye State

Let’s be clear about what this announcement means: Ohio Republicans are planning a power grab next year in order to diminish voters’ power at the ballot box. They know voters don’t agree with them on the issues, so they are changing the rules of the game.

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Media Releases November 15, 2022

ICYMI: Axios Highlights the Fairness Project’s Success Passing Progressive Issues in Red States

Last week, Axios spotlighted the Fairness Project’s success over the past six years at the ballot box, helping local organizations to win ballot measure campaigns on issues that otherwise would have little chance of passing through state legislatures in deep red and purple states.

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Media Releases November 10, 2022

National Media Highlights the Fairness Project’s Role in Securing Key Ballot Measure Wins

On Election Day, the Fairness Project expanded its win record by securing six new ballot measure victories on key progressive policies to benefit working people in America, including campaigns to codify reproductive freedom in Michigan and Vermont, expand Medicaid in South Dakota, and raise the minimum wage in Nebraska to $15 an hour.

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