Media Releases January 19, 2024

Missouri Joins Roster of States Where Citizens Are Fighting for Abortion Rights at the Ballot Box in 2024

Today, advocates for reproductive freedom announced the launch of a ballot measure campaign, backed by the Fairness Project, to end the extreme abortion ban in Missouri and guarantee that patients can make their own health decisions without interference from politicians. 

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Media Releases January 9, 2024

Better Jobs for Alaska Launches Ballot Measure Campaign to Increase Minimum Wage, Secure Paid Sick Leave, and Protect Workers’ Freedom

Today, a groundbreaking campaign for workers’ rights in Alaska turned in more than 41,000 signatures to qualify a ballot measure for the 2024 general election. The Better Jobs for Alaska campaign, which is supported by the Fairness Project, far exceeded the requirement of 26,705 valid signatures.

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Media Releases December 22, 2023

Wages Rising Due to Fairness Project-Backed Ballot Measure Campaigns

On January 1, the minimum wage in several states will increase as a result of Fairness Project-backed ballot measure campaigns. While Congress has not passed a federal minimum wage increase since 2009, the Fairness Project has supported and won 10 ballot measure campaigns in several states and localities to raise the minimum wage.

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Media Releases November 7, 2023

Abortion Rights Victory: Ohio Voters Approve Issue 1, Cementing State Constitutional Right to Reproductive Freedom

Ohioans today voted to approve Issue 1, a ballot measure that will codify reproductive freedom, including abortion rights, in the state’s constitution. The Ohioans United for Reproductive rights campaign, supported by the Fairness Project, won its “Yes” campaign Tuesday night.

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