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Our democracy is under an orchestrated attack, including a sinister, under-the-radar assault on the democratic process: state legislatures are trying to shut down people-powered ballot measures that in recent years have been critical to improving the lives of millions. In 2021 alone, there have been 87 attempts in state legislatures to prevent voter-driven campaigns from even reaching the ballot.

Our record is unparalleled. Since 2016, we’ve cut through partisan gridlock by using ballot measures to raise wages, expand Medicaid, stop predatory payday lenders, and secure more paid time off. Now, we’re going on offense to protect the ballot measure process itself.

Our Ballot Measure Rescue Campaign is working to protect the ballot measure process itself across the country. We’re leading a strategic multi-state coalition to fight back using litigation, legislative advocacy, and ballot measure campaigns. Where we need to bring litigation, we will litigate. Where we can stop bad laws from being passed, we will run aggressive communications and lobbying campaigns to stop anti-democratic bills. And where the legislature refers suppressive measures to the ballot, we will fight to win those ballot campaigns.

Attacks on the ballot measure process are an attack on our most democratic of democratic institutions. The Fairness Project’s Ballot Measure Rescue Campaign is leading the charge to fight back against state legislative efforts to block people-powered ballot measures and I’m proud to sit on their advisory committee as a partner in this battle.”

Marc Elias
Founder of Democracy Docket

Advisory Committee

These leaders are guiding our work to defend the ballot measure process across the country.

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