In the News May 22, 2023

CBS News: Ballot measures have been critical in defending abortion rights. Now, GOP politicians want to change the rules

Kelly Hall, executive director of The Fairness Project, said the 2022 victories for abortion rights advocates are a motivating factor for GOP state lawmakers to push the changes to the ballot-measure process. "Lawmakers who are elected to represent the people are clear they don't want the people's view to be expressed in law," she said.

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In the News May 9, 2023

Rolling Stone: Missouri AG Claims Legalizing Abortion Could Cost the State…$51 Billion

Kelly Hall, executive director of the Fairness Project, a group working on ballot measures around the country sees Missouri as a microcosm of a larger anti-democratic dynamic manifesting across the country. “Politicians are going well beyond their legal obligations in their roles, their legal responsibilities to faithfully execute their offices.

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