In the News August 9, 2023

The New York Times: Ohio Voters Reject Constitutional Change Intended to Thwart Abortion Amendment

“It was about a direct connection with the abortion issue for many voters,” said Kelly Hall, the executive director of the Fairness Project, one of the leaders of the Ohio campaign against the proposal. “But there were many others who saw it as a power grab by some legislators."

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In the News August 7, 2023

The Economist: Ohio is deciding whether to make its constitution harder to change

The proposed amendment “is not about creating consensus”, argues Kelly Hall of the Fairness Project, a national non-profit group that supports liberal ballot initiatives and is campaigning against Ohio’s proposed change. Rather, “it’s a power grab by the legislature to make sure that more decisions remain in their hands.”

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Media Releases July 26, 2023

REPORT: The Under-the-Radar, Comprehensive Campaign Against Direct Democracy

Today, the Fairness Project released its report, The Direct Democracy and Voting Rights Crisis, providing an overview of a decade-long effort to attack state-level ballot measures and citizen-led initiatives with the goal of consolidating power in the hands of extreme state legislators.

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