In the News May 17, 2022

NBC Think: How Americans can secure abortion rights when courts and politicians won’t

There’s a path forward in the states: If the Supreme Court does indeed overturn Roe, enshrining reproductive rights in state constitutions via ballot measures will guarantee the protection of reproductive health care for years to come, particularly in states where Republicans control the legislature.

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In the News May 10, 2022

Crooked’s What A Day: Voters Could Protect Abortion Rights In Michigan

We talk with Kelly Hall of the Fairness Project, which is gathering signatures to put a referendum on the ballot this fall to bypass the legislature and take the matter directly to voters. If they approve it, the measure would amend the state’s constitution to make reproductive freedom a right.

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In the News February 3, 2022

Slate: The GOP’s Latest Assault on Democracy Is Flying Under the Radar

While much of the media and advocacy attention has focused on these suppressive efforts, missing from the conversation is another pernicious and coordinated attempt to short-circuit democracy: the increasingly aggressive campaign by Republican-dominated state legislatures to shut down the citizen-driven ballot measure process.

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In the News January 20, 2022

The Washington Post: How grass roots ballot initiatives got caught up in the voting wars

“It's certainly the most ballot measures we've ever seen referred to curtail ballot measure access,” said Kelly Hall, executive director of the liberal Fairness Project, which launched a $5 million effort last year to battle changes to the initiative process. “We have seen one per cycle, basically, and now we've already got six.”

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