In the News September 1, 2022

Vanity Fair: Abortion-Rights Advocates Vow to Fight Back After Michigan Republicans Block Ballot Measure

"This is not the end of the road for the Michigan constitutional amendment to protect abortion rights, but it is a demonstration of how deeply afraid anti-choice lawmakers are to see this issue on the ballot in November,” said Kelly Hall, the executive director of the Fairness Project, a group that campaigns for progressive ballot initiatives.

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In the News August 23, 2022

More Perfect Union: South Dakota Could Be the Next Red State To Expand Medicaid

Kelly Hall, executive director of the Fairness Project, told More Perfect Union that the Medicaid expansion push in South Dakota represents the “broadest coalition that we’ve had in any of these campaigns that we’ve worked on,” adding that it includes “a lot of people who are Republicans.”

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In the News August 3, 2022

Politico: Kansas landslide fuels abortion rights movement’s next fights

“Ballot initiatives are a phenomenally powerful tool when there’s a disconnect between the popularity of an issue and what’s being enacted by politicians. And every poll in the country shows that disconnect when it comes to abortion rights,” said Fairness Project Executive Director Kelly Hall.

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