In the News July 3, 2023

Forbes: Medicaid Expansion Begins In South Dakota After Years Of Republican Roadblocks

“South Dakota’s implementation of Medicaid this week is a hard-fought victory by voters, advocates, providers, and countless individuals who organized for years to make this possible,” said Kelly Hall, executive director of The Fairness Project, which has helped several states expand Medicaid via voter referendums since 2017.

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In the News June 30, 2023

Stateline: Positive polling, past successes don’t guarantee victory for abortion rights at the ballot box

In each place, Hall said, advocates would have to file proposed ballot language and form committees before Labor Day to qualify for the 2024 ballot. She cautioned, however, that just because surveys show a growing majority of Americans oppose strict abortion bans doesn’t mean ballot initiatives are sure to succeed.

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In the News June 22, 2023

Rolling Stone: Republicans Are Torching Democracy to Deny Women Abortions

“They are saying: ‘We know that voters disagree with us on this issue, and rather than us changing how we govern to be more in line with the people who we are elected to represent, we are going to change the rules of governance itself to make sure that we don’t have to listen to our constituents.’"

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