Columbus, OH — This week, the One Person, One Vote campaign in Ohio launched two new ads in opposition to Issue 1, a proposal to end majority rule in Ohio and allow just 40% of voters to veto the will of the majority on ballot measures. The ads call attention to efforts from special interests and politicians to not only block voters from protecting reproductive freedom, but also permanently change the constitution and diminish voters’ rights.

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“They got caught red-handed admitting Issue 1 is 100% about abortion. Corrupt politicians and special interests have called a special election this August to rewrite Ohio’s constitution to end majority rule. They’re trying to rig the rules to lock in Ohio’s extreme abortion ban and stop efforts to restore our rights.”

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“Special interests spent millions lobbying corrupt politicians to call a special election this August. Why? Because they’re trying to sneak something through, hoping you won’t vote. Issue 1… rewrites our constitution to end majority rule, so special interests get what they want — stripping freedom from we the people.”

The One Person, One Vote coalition has been running an aggressive media campaign on radio, TV, and digital platforms in effort to ensure voters know the truth about Issue 1. If the 60% threshold is implemented, it would end more than 100 years of majority rule in Ohio and allow a minority to make decisions on crucial issues.

In response to attacks on direct democracy like this one, from South Dakota to Arkansas and more states, the Fairness Project has been fighting to defend the ballot measure process and ensure citizens can use this critical tool for years to come. Since last year, the Fairness Project has organized over $5.6 million to fight back through its Ballot Measure Rescue Campaign.

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