Jefferson City, MO — Last week, extremist Missouri legislators failed to pass their proposed attack on the ballot measure process before the end of the legislative session. Majority rule will remain the law of the land in Missouri, paving the way for popular ballot measures to move forward this year. 

The proposed amendment, SJR74, would have required citizen-initiated ballot measures to pass by a majority of voters statewide as well as a majority of congressional districts —  meaning that a minority would be able to veto the will of the majority. It also included misleading provisions intended to trick voters, such as implementing a ban on foreign contributions to constitutional amendments, which is already illegal.

“Congratulations to all of those who organized and fought back against the blatant power grab of SJR74 and protected majority rule in Missouri,” said Kelly Hall, executive director of the Fairness Project. “Unfortunately, these cynical tactics are nothing new — we’ve seen similar attempts to weaken direct democracy play out across the country and expect more this year. Politicians are so terrified of voters using their power at the ballot box that they will continue trying to change the rules of the game. We’re proud to stand with advocates in the ongoing mission to protect direct democracy and ready for the next fight.”

In 2021, the Fairness Project launched the Ballot Measure Rescue Campaign and has since organized more than $30 million to protect direct democracy so that voters can continue to use this tool for generations. The Fairness Project has worked with coalitions in South Dakota, Arkansas, and Ohio to defeat attacks on the ballot measure process, including similar attempts to end majority rule. Read a recent report here about active attacks on the ballot measure process in 2024. 

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