Columbus, OH — Today, the One Person, One Vote campaign in Ohio launched an ad campaign in opposition to Issue 1, a proposal from the General Assemblyto require citizen-initiated ballot measures to pass by a supermajority of 60%. 

The campaign’s new 30 second ad, which is being broadcast on television, radio and digital platforms, argues that Issue 1 — which will go before voters in a special election on August 8 — will permanently alter the Ohio constitution to end majority rule and give special interests and politicians even more control over Ohioans.

WATCH: New Ad from One Person, One Vote

“A constitutional amendment this August called Issue 1 would permanently remove our rights from the Ohio constitution,” the ad states. “Issue 1 ends majority rule in Ohio, undermining the sacred principle of One Person, One Vote — shredding the idea that we, the people, decide what happens here, handing corrupt politicians and special interests more control.”

Issue 1 is being pushed by special interests and politicians ahead of a potential measure to protect reproductive freedom in Ohio this November. However, if the 60% threshold is implemented, it would impact all future ballot measures, not just those related to abortion — allowing a minority of voters to make decisions on crucial issues in the state.

In response to attacks on direct democracy like this one, from South Dakota to Arkansas and more states, the Fairness Project has been fighting to defend the ballot measure process and ensure citizens can use this critical tool for years to come. Since last year, the Fairness Project has organized over $5.6 million to fight back through its Ballot Measure Rescue Campaign.


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