Los Angeles, CA – Residents of Los Angeles County voted to empower the county’s Board of Supervisors to remove a sitting sheriff for cause — a major step towards accountability for the L.A. Sheriff’s Department, which has repeatedly demonstrated corruption, abuses of power, and violence against Black and brown people and people with disabilities.

The Yes on A campaign, a coalition supported by the Fairness Project, sought to allow the L.A. County Board of Supervisors to remove the sheriff by a four-fifths vote for violation of laws or repeated neglect related to the sheriff’s duties; misuse of public funds or properties; willful falsification of documents; or obstruction of an investigation into the department’s conduct. The measure was approved by voters 70.6% to 29.4%.

In response, Kelly Hall, Executive Director of the Fairness Project, released the following statement:

“Voters in Los Angeles chose to demand true accountability for the sheriff’s office. The L.A. Sheriff’s Department’s repeated misconduct and harm against people of color and those with disabilities cannot stand, and Angelenos have made it clear that there must be further checks on the sheriff’s power. The Fairness Project is proud to have been a part of this coalition, and we look forward to continuing our work to advance citizen oversight of law enforcement and building stronger systems of accountability to protect vulnerable people.” 

Last year, the Fairness Project successfully supported the Citizens for a Safer Cleveland campaign to pass Issue 24, a charter amendment that ensures real accountability for police misconduct by providing Clevelanders with permanent and powerful civilian oversight on policing and community safety policies.

“The Fairness Project brings a depth of experience and expertise to ballot measure campaigns that few other organizations can provide. They provided strategic support and funding for our campaign for much-needed accountability to the Sheriff’s office and help protect Angelenos from further abuse and corruption,” said Andres Kwon from the Yes on A campaign.

If you would like to interview Kelly Hall, Executive Director of the Fairness Project, please email press@thefairnessproject.org.

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