Washington, DC — On Election Day, the Fairness Project expanded its winning record by securing six new ballot measure victories on key progressive policies to benefit working people in America.

“Control of Congress may still hang in the balance, but the fact is that on Election Night, progressive issues won,” said Kelly Hall, executive director of the Fairness Project. “In five states across the political spectrum, voters chose to protect their reproductive freedom. South Dakota joined 39 other states in expanding Medicaid — the seventh red state to do so via ballot measure. In Nebraska, a $15 minimum wage has passed. In Arizona, voters decided that predatory debt collectors shouldn’t be able to bleed working people dry. The Fairness Project is incredibly proud that our work helped to secure these victories and more.

“When it comes to addressing a vacuum of leadership on the state and federal levels, ballot measures are an incredibly effective tool for making change and passing crucial policies that have been stalled by polarization and gridlock. We’re thrilled by these results and ready to get to work on the next slate of critical ballot measures.”

The Fairness Project is a nonpartisan organization that supports ballot measure campaigns to improve the lives of working people. See below for a summary of the Fairness Project’s victories in the 2022 election cycle. Read here about the 24 campaigns that the Fairness Project won in previous cycles.

South Dakota Amendment D

Medicaid expansion won in South Dakota on Tuesday, bringing health care access to more than 40,000 additional people and keeping $328 billion in tax revenue in-state every year. The Fairness Project has now won seven campaigns to expand Medicaid via ballot measure. Of the 11 states yet to expand Medicaid, the only ones left that can do so through citizen-initiated ballot measures are Florida and Wyoming.

“Since day one, our partners at the Fairness Project have been deeply invested in the effort to finally expand Medicaid for South Dakotans, and this win would not have been possible without them,” said Zach Marcus from South Dakotans Decide Healthcare

Arizona Prop 209

The Protection from Predatory Debt Collection Act caps the interest rate on medical debt at 3%, limits wage garnishment to a maximum of 10% of earnings, allows people in debt to keep up to $5,000 in their bank accounts, and raises the value of homes and vehicles exempt from collection. A first-of-its kind measure, the Fairness Project looks forward to exploring the potential to pass similar policies in other states.

“The Fairness Project’s support was critical to this victory for working families, which will finally rein in the unchecked greed of medical debt collectors,” said Jess Grennan from Healthcare Rising Arizona.

Michigan Prop 3

The Reproductive Freedom for All campaign’s constitutional amendment won on Tuesday, defending the right to make and carry out decisions about all matters relating to pregnancy, including birth control, abortion, prenatal care, and childbirth, without political interference.

“Many thanks to the team at the Fairness Project for being a crucial part of this winning coalition,” said Jill Alper with Reproductive Freedom for All. “We are especially grateful for their work early in this campaign to put us in a strong strategic and financial position to win.”

Vermont Prop 5

Vermonters on Tuesday voted to amend their constitution to protect every person’s right to make their own reproductive decisions, including whether and when to become pregnant, use birth control, or seek an abortion.

“The Fairness Project’s proven experience winning campaigns and delivering justice via ballot measures was crucial to the success of our initiative, which will protect Vermonters’ rights for decades to come,” said Lucy Leriche from Vermont for Reproductive Liberty.

Nebraska Issue 433

Nebraskans voted to approve a $15 minimum wage on Tuesday night. An increase over the current statewide minimum of $9 an hour, the increase will occur gradually until 2026, after which it will increase each year indexed to inflation. The Fairness Project has now succeeded in raising wages in nine states through ballot measures, including other “red” states Arkansas and Missouri.

“From strategic guidance to financial support, the Fairness Project was instrumental in securing this win for working families in Nebraska – for the third cycle in a row,” said Kate Wolfe from Raise the Wage Nebraska.

Arkansas Issue 2

A legislative proposal that would have demolished majority rule for future ballot measures was soundly defeated in Arkansas. The Fairness Project backed the opposition effort, Protect AR Constitution, as part of its Ballot Measure Rescue Campaign, which works to defend direct democracy in states where it’s under attack.

“We’re thrilled by this outcome because it means that Arkansans will continue to have their voices heard through direct democracy. Our campaign is so grateful to the Fairness Project for their essential support and expertise throughout this election,” said Bonnie Miller from the Protect AR Constitution campaign

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