Little Rock, AR — A proposal to allow a minority of voters to block ballot measures was rejected by Arkansans on Election Night. Issue 2 in Arkansas would have demolished majority rule for future ballot measures in Arkansas. The Fairness Project supported the successful opposition effort — the “Protect AR Constitution” campaign — as part of its Ballot Measure Rescue Campaign, a $5 million, national effort launched in 2021 to fight back against attacks on the ballot measure process.

Kelly Hall, executive director of the Fairness Project, issued the following statement in response to the election results:

“This is a major victory for democracy in Arkansas. It’s also a reality check for the politicians in Little Rock who have repeatedly tried and failed to diminish voters’ power. The Fairness Project is so proud to secure this victory, and we thank all of our partners in the Protect AR Constitution campaign for their hard work to defend democracy in Arkansas.

“This is not the end of our fight. Issue 2 in Arkansas was part of a highly organized effort that is unfolding across the country to undermine citizen access to ballot measures. Our Ballot Measure Rescue Campaign exists precisely to defeat proposals like this one which seek to strip voters of their power and consolidate control in state legislatures. With critical issues like health care access, wages, reproductive rights, and more at stake, we won’t allow extremists to take away the essential tool of ballot measures. We will keep fighting to defend voters’ rights everywhere we can.”

In addition to defeating Issue 2, the Fairness Project led the charge to defeat a similar measure in South Dakota earlier this year that also would have required a supermajority for ballot measures.

“We’re thrilled by tonight’s outcome because it means that Arkansans will continue to have their voices heard through direct democracy. Our campaign is so grateful to the Fairness Project for their essential support and expertise throughout this election — their partnership was essential to building the coalition we needed to win,” said Bonnie Miller from the Protect AR Constitution campaign.

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