Washington, DC — Americans will vote today on dozens of ballot measures covering issues ranging from health care and abortion to minimum wage and police accountability. The Fairness Project is backing eight ballot measure campaigns on key issues in 2022 and has won 24 ballot measure campaigns since 2016.

Progressive policies have a chance to win big tonight. Most eyes will be focused on horse races for elected offices around the country, but voters will also be deciding directly on issues that will immediately affect millions of lives. Ballot measures will determine Medicaid expansion in South Dakota; abortion rights in Michigan, Vermont, California, Kentucky, and Montana; minimum wage in Nebraska and Nevada; cannabis legalization, police accountability, medical debt policy, voting rights, and much more. No one should be overlooking the importance of ballot measures tonight,” said Kelly Hall, executive director of the Fairness Project.


Michigan Reproductive Freedom for All

The Reproductive Freedom for All campaign in Michigan is fighting to pass a citizen-initiated ballot measure, Proposal 3, that would enshrine reproductive rights in Michigan’s constitution, including the right to have an abortion. Volunteers collected more than 750,000 signatures in order to qualify the measure for the ballot, setting a statewide record this summer.

Vermont Reproductive Liberty 

The Vermont for Reproductive Liberty campaign is spearheading a legislatively referred ballot measure, Article 22, that will codify reproductive freedom in Vermont’s constitution, including the right to seek an abortion or use contraception. 

South Dakotans Decide Healthcare

South Dakota is one of only 12 states that still has not expanded Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act. The Fairness Project has worked to pass Medicaid expansion via ballot measure in six states so far and is now working with a broad coalition of local partners in South Dakota including doctors, teachers, and farmers to support the South Dakotans Decide Healthcare campaign. The measure would expand Medicaid to more than 40,000 low-income South Dakotans and keep $328 million of tax dollars in the state each year.

Raise the Wage Nebraska

Raise the Wage Nebraska’s ballot measure, Initiative 433, will increase the statewide minimum wage from its current level of $9/hour to $15/hour by 2026, adjusting for inflation each subsequent year. This would immediately impact approximately 150,000 workers, or nearly a fifth of Nebraska’s workforce. 

Healthcare Rising Arizona

Prop 209 in Arizona, supported by Healthcare Rising Arizona, would limit exploitative practices by medical debt collectors. If passed, the first-of-its-kind measure will shield more of people’s assets like homes and vehicles from repossession, as well as capping the interest rate on medical debt at 3% and limiting wage garnishment for medical debt to a maximum of 10% of earnings. 

Yes on A LA

In Los Angeles County, the Fairness Project is working with the Yes on A campaign to pass a county-wide ballot measure to allow the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors to impeach the county’s sheriff for cause. 

Attacks on ballot measures

The Fairness Project is working with stakeholders in Arizona to execute “No” campaigns on three anti-democratic proposals: Prop 128, Prop 129, and Prop 132, which would give the state legislature more power to limit citizen-approved ballot measures and require a supermajority threshold for ballot measures. The Fairness Project is also working with stakeholders in Arkansas to defeat Arkansas Issue 2, which would also require a supermajority for ballot measures to pass.

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