Phoenix, AZ — This week, a campaign backed by the Fairness Project to protect the use of ballot measures in Arizona received a key endorsement from the Arizona Republic Editorial Board. Will of the People AZ is currently executing “No” campaigns on Props 128, 129, and 132 — proposals that would end majority rule for ballot measures and grant additional powers to the state legislature to restrict citizen-initiated proposals. The Fairness Project has directly invested $350,000 in the campaign to defeat the measures.

READ: Propositions 128, 129 and 132 would limit your power without fixing initiatives. Vote no

“We encourage a ‘no’ vote on all three. They are wolves in sheep’s clothing. Read for yourself the arguments in support of the proposals,” wrote the Arizona Republic Editorial Board. “These proposed ‘fixes’ are bad faith attempts by lawmakers to assume greater power at the expense of the constituents they serve. Vote ‘no’ on Propositions 128, 129 and 132.”

Prop 128 would allow the state legislature to overrule voter-approved ballot measures if any portion has been declared unconstitutional or illegal by the Arizona Supreme Court or U.S. Supreme Court. Prop 129 would limit citizen-initiated ballot measures to a single subject. Prop 132 would end majority rule, requiring a 60% vote rather than a simple majority for voters to pass certain ballot measures.

In addition to the opposition effort in Arizona, the Fairness Project is working to defeat a supermajority threshold proposal in Arkansas that will also go before voters next week.

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