ICYMI: Politico Covers Fairness Project Campaign to Expand Medicaid in South Dakota

Washington, DC– This week, Politico spotlighted the Fairness Project’s effort to expand Medicaid in South Dakota. On Monday, South Dakota Secretary of State Steve Barnett certified the South Dakotans Decide Healthcare petition, signed by 46,119 South Dakotans, to place Medicaid Expansion on the ballot in 2022.

South Dakota is one of 12 states that have not expanded health care coverage to more low-income adults under a key provision of the Affordable Care Act. As Build Back Better legislation stalls in Congress, and the coverage gap remains, the people of South Dakota have taken matters into their own hands by pursuing this ballot measure–a tool that has proven to be the most effective way to expand Medicaid. The ballot measure would expand care to cover 42,500 South Dakotans.

“Supporting the rural health infrastructure is good not just for Medicaid recipients,” said Kelly Hall, Executive Director of Fairness Project. “It’s good for anyone who relies on it.”

Fairness Project has supported all of the successful state-based ballot measures to expand Medicaid since 2017: Idaho, Maine, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Missouri, and Utah. These six Medicaid Expansion victories are included in the organization’s record of winning 23 of 24 ballot measure campaigns to support working families.

South Dakota Medicaid expansion approved for November ballot. Read it in Politico HERE.

If you would like to interview Kelly Hall or learn more about Fairness Project, please email Alexis Magnan-Callaway at or call 904-325-0044.


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