Fairness Project Launches New Website 

Washington, DC– Fairness Project unveiled its new logo and website as the organization prepares to pass progressive ballot measures and defend direct democracy in states across the country during the 2022 election cycle.

Fairness Project’s new website will serve as a digital hub and a one-stop shop for campaigners, advocates, and the public to stay updated on the organization’s latest ballot measure campaign activities. Fairness Project has won 23 of its 24 ballot initiative campaigns and supported all of the successful ballot measures to expand Medicaid since 2017: Idaho, Maine, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Missouri, and Utah. 

The website re-launch comes after Fairness Project announced its new ‘Ballot Measure Rescue Campaign,’ a $5 million effort to fight back against state legislative attempts to shut down people-powered ballot measures that have been critical to improving the lives of millions.

The new logo, colors, and fonts were tested to ensure that our materials are accessible to the widest audience possible. The website is also available in English and Spanish languages.

Statement from Kelly Hall, Executive Director of The Fairness Project:

“We are laser-focused on enacting basic, common sense policies through ballot measures – delivering results that directly and instantly improve the lives of workers and their families. Our new logo and website, with improved accessibility, will help communicate that mission and give our organization the ability to reach more people on the ground who are working to fight for ballot measures to improve their city or state.” 



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