Washington, DC — The Fairness Project today released its Ballot Measures to Watch in 2022 memo, providing an overview of key initiatives going before voters in November as well as details of Fairness Project-backed campaigns.

READ THE REPORT: Ballot Measures to Watch in 2022

“Voters are simply fed up that legislators at every level of government are not getting the job done when it comes to delivering for working families,” said Kelly Hall, executive director of the Fairness Project. “They are tired of polarization, gridlock, and excuses. And as a result, we’re seeing more and more that voters are taking matters into their own hands by organizing, collecting signatures, and putting issues directly on the ballot because it’s the fastest and most effective path to change. 

“From abortion and Medicaid expansion, to raising the minimum wage and enacting police accountability, there is enormous potential for progressive issues to win big in November regardless of which candidates prevail. This election will not only decide policies that are hugely consequential to people’s lives and the future of our democracy — it’s a wake up call that ballot measures are a crucial way to make change happen within a dysfunctional political system.” 

The Fairness Project supports ballot measure campaigns that directly impact and improve the lives of working people in America. Since 2016, the Fairness Project has won 24 campaigns on issues such as Medicaid expansion, minimum wage, and paid leave, impacting 18 million people. This year, eight ballot measure campaigns backed by the Fairness Project will appear before voters at the statewide and municipal levels. Read here about those campaigns and others that will appear before voters in November.

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