Media Releases November 8, 2021

South Dakotans Decide Healthcare Delivers Petition Signatures to Expand Medicaid

Pierre, South Dakota – Today, the South Dakotans Decide Healthcare campaign submitted a petition, signed by 46,119 South Dakotans, to place Medicaid expansion on the ballot in 2022. South Dakota is one of 12 states that have not expanded health care coverage to more low-income adults under a key provision of the Affordable Care Act.

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Media Releases November 3, 2021

The Fairness Project Racks Up Three Wins on Election Day

Washington, DC– Election Day 2021 resulted in another batch of wins for The Fairness Project, bringing its winning record to 23 out of 24 campaigns. This cycle, The Fairness Project helped voters secure a $15 minimum wage in Tucson, ensure real police accountability in Cleveland, and reject a Greg Abbott-backed anti-police reform measure in Austin.

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In the News November 1, 2021

Here Comes the Payne: Everything You Need to Know About Ballot Measures and Why They Matter

Joel is joined by Kelly Hall, Executive Director for The Fairness Project to discuss her work on the issue of state ballot measures across the country. They discuss a new project that The Fairness Project is launching and broader geopolitical impacts of ballot measures, especially for progressives.

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Media Releases October 13, 2021

CBS News Covers The Fairness Project Campaign to Protect Ballot Measures Ahead of 2022 Midterms

Washington, DC– Kelly Hall, the Executive Director of the Fairness Project spoke with CBS News about its Ballot Measure Rescue Campaign, a $5 million effort to fight back against state legislative attempts to shut down people-powered ballot measures that have been critical to improving the lives of millions.

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In the News October 8, 2021

The Hill: Progressive group announces $5M campaign against efforts to ‘make ballot measures inaccessible’

The Fairness Project, which has previously used ballot measures on campaigns aimed at expanding Medicaid, adding more paid time off for workers and raising workers’ pay, is partnering with a handful of organizations on the initiative, called the Ballot Measure Rescue Campaign.

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