In the News November 1, 2021

Here Comes the Payne: Everything You Need to Know About Ballot Measures and Why They Matter

Joel is joined by Kelly Hall, Executive Director for The Fairness Project to discuss her work on the issue of state ballot measures across the country. They discuss a new project that The Fairness Project is launching and broader geopolitical impacts of ballot measures, especially for progressives.

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In the News October 8, 2021

The Hill: Progressive group announces $5M campaign against efforts to ‘make ballot measures inaccessible’

The Fairness Project, which has previously used ballot measures on campaigns aimed at expanding Medicaid, adding more paid time off for workers and raising workers’ pay, is partnering with a handful of organizations on the initiative, called the Ballot Measure Rescue Campaign.

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In the News June 20, 2021

NBC News: Voters supported progressive policies on ballot initiatives. Republicans are pushing back.

“Increasingly partisan state legislatures are realizing that the only way that they can hold onto power is by limiting who can vote and making it harder for people to vote on issues themselves,” said Kelly Hall, the executive director of the Fairness Project, a progressive organization that has helped state groups organize ballot initiatives.

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