The Fairness Project Racks Up Three Wins on Election Day

Successful Campaigns in Tucson, Cleveland, and Austin Bring Total Win Count for The Fairness Project to 23 out of 24

Washington, DC – Election Day 2021 resulted in another batch of wins for The Fairness Project, bringing its winning record to 23 out of 24 campaigns. This cycle, The Fairness Project helped voters secure a $15 minimum wage in Tucson, ensure real police accountability in Cleveland, and reject a Greg Abbott-backed, anti-police reform measure in Austin that would have deprived other essential workers of resources.

“We are excited to celebrate three critical victories with our partners on these campaigns. Voters in Tucson, Cleveland, and Austin have set an example for the rest of the country and demonstrated that everyday Americans can take matters into their own hands and make real change at the ballot box. At a time when we’re seeing so much partisan gridlock at the federal level, this local progress is more important than ever, ” said Kelly Hall, Executive Director, The Fairness Project. “The Fairness Project has now won 23 out 24 campaigns we have supported and we have no intention of slowing down.” 

In Cleveland, voters approved Issue 24, a charter amendment that ensures real accountability for police misconduct by providing Clevelanders with permanent and powerful civilian oversight on policing and community safety policies.

“The Fairness Project has been a great partner in our initiative for police accountability in Cleveland. They provided policy expertise, staffing, polling, and deep day-to-day strategic partnership with the coalition and staff. They helped us refine policy, qualify for the ballot, and stuck with us all the way through Election Day. Their expertise and support were truly a value-add to our efforts,” said Molly Shack, co-Executive Director, Ohio Organizing Collaborative. 

In Austin, voters defeated Proposition A, which would have forced Austin to cut essential services to spend hundreds of millions more solely on the police department, with zero accountability.

“The Fairness Project was not just a funder, they were committed advocates for reforming policing and making our society more just for everyone. We are grateful for their expertise and their help protecting the rights of everyday people in our community,” said Greg Casar, Austin City Council Member.

In Tucson, voters approved Proposition 206, ensuring a minimum wage increase to $15 by 2025 and several protections for workers.

“We’re truly grateful for the partnership and guidance we got from The Fairness Project. They provided polling, financial support, technical expertise, and more. They’re great partners, and we crossed the finish line on Election Day stronger because of their support,” said C.J. Boyd, Campaign Manager, Tucson Fight for $15.

Since 2016, The Fairness Project has carved a path for progress through partisan gridlock by using ballot measures to bring higher wages, stop predatory payday lenders, improve health care access, secure more paid time off, and other life-changing improvements to more than 17 million people including. These victories have:

  • Increased wages, and delivered over $21 billion into workers’ pockets

  • Expanded Medicaid access for over 830,000 people

    • Most recently, on October 1, 2021 nearly 275,000 Missourians began enrolling in Medicaid thanks to our 2020 ballot measure victory.

  • Given over 3 million workers access to paid sick days and 3.8 million workers paid family leave

Heading into 2022, The Fairness Project will also be leading the Ballot Measure Rescue Campaign, a $5 million effort to fight back against state legislative attempts to shut down people-powered ballot measures that have been critical to improving the lives of millions.


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